Contact & Requests for Review

Contact information:


Twitter:       @fabbityfab

Facebook:   Fab Book Reviews

Goodreads: Michelle (FabBookReviews)


Requests for reviews:

I am currently accepting requests for book reviews, but please note the following:

  • I generally do not accept nor review self-published materials
  • Accepting a copy of a book for review or participating in a book/blog tour does not guarantee a positive review
  • A hardcopy ARC, finished copy or digital galley of a title is accepted in exchange for an honest review; I do not receive any compensation from author(s) and/or publisher(s).
  • I will do my best to respond to requests for review in a timely manner, however;
  • I reserve the right not to respond to every request for review. If you do not receive a response within a few weeks time, it is likely I am not taking your request.
  • For various reasons (life, work, etc.), I cannot not promise a general guaranteed time frame/turnaround of publishing a review, however;
  • If specifically asked by an author and/or publisher to aim for a particular date (e.g. for a blog tour, release date, etc.), I will do my best meet their request
  • Please take a look through the genres I like (listed further below) to get a sense of what books I typically read and/or review. 


Disclosure of sources

Unless otherwise clearly stated in a review/feature/spotlight or other post feature, books and/or materials have either been purchased by me or borrowed from my local public library.


Content & Copyright

All content, unless otherwise sourced or cited (e.g. quotes, comics, images, video clips, etc.), has been written/created by me. Some reviews had previously appeared on my former (now defunct) site, Fabbity Fab Book Reviews. The majority of material is all new for this site. Please do not use or reproduce reviews, book lists, or other site content without my permission and/or without proper citation to this site and author (Michelle @ Fab Book Reviews).


What genres of books do I generally read and/or review?

  • picture books
  • board books
  • children’s fiction (contemporary, coming-of-age, Canadian, mystery, historical, some paranormal, graphic novels)
  • young adult fiction (contemporary, coming-of-age, Canadian, mystery/thriller, historical, some paranormal, some steampunk, graphic novels)
  • adult fiction (contemporary, Canadian, mystery/thriller, historical, literary graphic novels)
  • non-fiction (humour, comics, travelogues, art, foodie)


What’s my rating system for reviewed books?

Very Good