Second verse, not same as the first?

Hi! Welcome to Fab Book Reviews

Oh, good grief. Why is it so hard to come up with a pithy, blindingly brilliant way to introduce a site?

I’ve just finished a big project, or rather a big project came to an unexpected end. For three years, I worked my butt off on Fabbity Fab Book Reviews– a site that is now defunct (thank you, Google/Blogger. I don’t wish to get into the details).

On that site, I (perhaps unsurprisingly) published book reviews- I reviewed everything from historical young adult literature to children’s picture books and posted miscellaneous goodies about the literary world. And also: some music videos.

Professionally, I am a librarian, so books are kind of big thing for me, and I’m quite literally surrounded by books all day long. In my personal life? I’m quite literally surrounded by books, and I read. A Lot. Very Often.

So, what now with Fab Book Reviews? Why this new project?

Honestly, the last number of months on the old site were tough. Life Changes were happening, reading became almost non-existent and forced, and reviewing just fell by the wayside. But when reading (and the joy of the activity) came back to me, the demise of the old site kind of lit a fire under me: I knew I wanted to keep writing reviews. I want to share my love of titles, of authors, of Canadian literary gems and under-the-radar books.

I hope you enjoy.

Author: michelle@fabbookreviews

Reference & Children's Librarian. Reader. Reviewer.

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