Something Delightful: The Little World of Liz Climo by Liz Climo

lizclimoReview: The Little World of Liz Climo by Liz Climo
Source: Hardcover, Published September 30th 2014 by Running Press
Verdict: Very Good/Excellent
Book Description:

Artist Liz Climo has charmed her fans with her comic world of whimsical animal characters, where everyone from grizzly bears, dinosaurs, rabbits, and anteaters grapple with everyday life with wit and humor. Through her comics, we discover that an armadillo can dress for Halloween, a dinosaur can be a loving parent … and a rhino can squeeze orange juice! This new collection features more than 100 of her comics, starring her beloved characters in all kinds of funny situations, from celebrating holidays to helping friends.

I happened upon this delightful collection of comics during a recent outing to a bookstore. I was browsing the humour section, looking for something funny, a la Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and nothing was really sticking out. Until I- by chance- pulled Climo’s book out and started perusing.
via Liz Climo

I was hooked– I had to bring these animals home.

A collection of comics featuring a roster of surprising and robust animals, Climo’s book is endearing and quirky- without ever veering off into cloying- and genuinely funny without that feel of try hard. The illustrations are beautiful and appealingly elegant, while the jokes themselves are so bubbly and light- almost striking me as kindly retro in a way I can’t quite describe.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I recommend taking a look at Liz Climo’s Tumblr if you’re interested in learning or reading more!
via Liz Climo

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