Must Read Monday (26): The Great American Whatever & An English Boy in New York

Welcome to another edition of Must Read Monday!

This feature is where I spotlight older, recent, or upcoming releases I am looking forward to. The lists will include all genres I like to read, everything from picture books to comics, children’s lit to adult fiction!

This week features two contemporary young adult titles. First up is The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle. I’m sorry to say that I have not as yet read anything by Federle, though I hope to rectify that soon! I’ve read great reviews and comments about his middle grade debut Better Nate Than Ever and the sequel. His YA debut, The Great American Whatever is just one those titles that promises something terrific, and going by the early reviews I have read, should be a winner. Next up is T.S. Easton’s second novel in the Boys Don’t Knit series, An English Boy in New York. I just recently zoomed through Boys Don’t Knit– the first novel- and was charmed and surprised. Easton’s writing is sharp, hysterical and heartfelt- much like fellow British authors Louise Rennison and Sue Townsend. I would definitely give Boys Don’t Knit a go if you’re looking for a solid, funny and fresh read. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to read book two!

GREATAMERICANWHATEVER25785815The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle
Expected publication: March 29, 2016 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Quinn Roberts is a sixteen-year-old smart aleck and Hollywood hopeful whose only worry used to be writing convincing dialogue for the movies he made with his sister Annabeth. Of course, that was all before—before Quinn stopped going to school, before his mom started sleeping on the sofa…and before Annabeth was killed in a car accident.

Enter Geoff, Quinn’s best friend who insists it’s time that Quinn came out—at least from hibernation. One haircut later, Geoff drags Quinn to his first college party, where instead of nursing his pain, he meets a guy—a hot one—and falls hard. What follows is an upside-down week in which Quinn begins imagining his future as a screenplay that might actually have a happily-ever-after ending—if, that is, he can finally step back into the starring role of his own life story.



An English Boy in New York (Boys Don’t Knit #2) by T.S. Easton
Publication: August 7, 2014 by Hot Key Books
**Warning: Book description contains spoilers from book one**

As part of his prize for winning the All-UK Knitting Championships, seventeen-year-old Ben Fletcher has won himself an all-expenses paid trip to New York… and to the US National KnitFair. Unfortunately his new girlfriend Megan is (somewhat suspiciously) unable to come with him, which means Ben has the dubious pleasure of being accompanied by his family and his third-choice-friend Gex.

The other problem is, Ben’s not really sure he wants to be known as teenage knitting genius any more. His idea for a knit-able hoodie could make him millions… or turn him into a laughing stock forever. An existential knitting crisis turns out to be the least of Ben’s concerns though, as he quickly finds that his apparent magnetism for trouble has followed him across the pond. Join Ben for another hilarious misadventure, involving some overly-eager Knitting Expo representatives, suspicious men in dark suits, some potential trouble from the Mob, a mix-up of epic proportions with Megan… and still rather a lot of knitting.

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