Board Book Look (6): Titles from Richard Van Camp, Kass Reich, Jen Sookfong Lee & more!

Hi readers, I feel as though I am forever playing catch up with talking about board books! There have been piles of board books I’ve read and shared with my two little ones, and have compiled a list here of some of the more recent read aloud/shared together favourites and standouts. Full title details and authors/illustrators information are below, but here is a quick rundown: two wonderfully lyrical and warm board book titles from critically acclaimed author, teacher and story teller Richard Van Camp; Nicola Smee’s classic Clip-Clop which I had the total pleasure of revisiting after an indie bookseller recommended it to me in board book format for my one year old; two lovely titles celebrating Chinese New Year, one from celebrated Canadian author and broadcaster Jen Sookfong Lee, the second from the duo of author Vickie Lee and illustrator Joey Chou; adorable and funny titles featuring hamsters (from Kass Reich’s terrifically zany and cute board book series), sloths and bunnies (from David W. Miles), and llamas (from Susanna Leonard Hill and Daniel Wiseman); another winningly adorable title- this time starring a unicorn!- from favourite Joyce Wan; a book about guessing bums from Chris Tougas (might be a new favourite of my four year old’s, she laughs SO HARD whenever we read it!); a fun book about yawning with die-cuts from Sally Symes and Nick Sharratt; and an unusual and beautiful board book with see-through pages (that layer to a collage) about what can be discovered in a pile of fall leaves, from Tamara Shopsin and Jason Fulford.


Kiss By Kiss/Ocêtôwina: A Counting Book For Families by Richard Van Camp, in Plains Cree and English
Nighty-Night: A Bedtime Song for Babies by Richard Van Camp
This Little Hamster by Kass Reich
The Animals of Chinese New Year by Jen Sookfong Lee, in English and Chinese, with translation by Kileasa Che Wan Wong
Whose Bum? by Chris Tougas
12 Lucky Animals: A Bilingual Baby Book by Vickie Lee, illus. Joey Chou
But First, We Nap: A Little Book about Nap Time by David W. Miles
When Your Llama Needs a Haircut by Susanna Leonard Hill, illus. Daniel Wiseman
Yawn by Sally Symes, illus. Nick Sharratt
You Are My Magical Unicorn by Joyce Wan
Clip-Clop (Mr. Horse series) by Nicola Smee
A Pile of Leaves (Published in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art) by Tamara Shopsin & Jason Fulford

Happy reading!

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