Picture Book Fun with Let’s Dance! & Comet the Unstoppable Reindeer

Get ready to wiggle, dance, and giggle (a lot) with two fantastic and fun picture books! On the review docket today, I have Let’s Dance! by Valerie Bolling and Maine Diaz, and Comet the Unstoppable Reindeer by Jim Benton. Thank you to author Valerie Bolling, and Kristin at Benton Arts, respectively, for the pleasure of reviewing these books. Happy reading to you all!

A joyful rhyming picture book from author Valerie Bolling and illustrator Maine Diaz, Let’s Dance! shines a light on various kinds of dances from all over the world. Starting with the “tappity-tap” and the dramatic fans and dress of flamenco dancing, Let’s Dance! takes readers through a snappy and happy tour of dances from around the globe: everything from ballet to line dancing, Kathak to breakdancing, cha-cha to Irish stepdancing and even more! Each dance is highlighted with an illustrative spread and accompanied by action-based rhyming words. For readers who may be unfamiliar with any of the styles showcased throughout, there is also a handy pictorial index featuring the name of each dance with a concise description. Let’s Dance! is not only a solid picture book with short, bouncy rhymes and fluid, lively art that make it great toddler-and-up reading aloud material, but also functions as an introduction into the diverse world of dance. A sincerely joyful book full of movement, positivity and vibrancy, Let’s Dance! may well inspire readers to tap and twirl or zig and zag their own hearts out. Bonus: Check out author Valerie Bolling’s site for some Let’s Dance! colouring sheets, as well as a link to the book’s trailer!

Author and illustrator Jim Benton, the popular creator behind It’s Happy Bunny, Franny K. Stein and Catwad, brings readers right into the holiday and Christmas season with the very funny picture book Comet the Unstoppable Reindeer. When a fight breaks out between elves Stinky and Stanky, Comet the reindeer tries to intervene and, unfortunately, gets injured in the process. The injury is serious enough that the doctor advises Comet to stay home and not deliver presents with Santa. Comet is, understandably upset, and his level of upset only increases when he sees rookie reindeer replacement Freddy in his spot by the sleigh. Getting ready to wallow alone, Comet notices that the bag of presents for Santa’s delivery has been left behind! How could the team have forgotten the load of presents?! When an urgent call to Santa’s cell goes unanswered, Comet braves his injury and the elements to take care of crucial delivery business. A bit of slapstick, a bit of sweet, and an altogether welcome, funny look at a different and just-as-determined reindeer, Comet the Unstoppable Reindeer is laugh out loud, thoroughly entertaining reading. The off-kilter, zany story and the comical, cheeky rhymes will likely make this holiday offering from Jim Benton appealing to a broad range of ages. Readers who appreciate their Christmas and/or seasonal reading with a (big) side of sass and laughs, or who enjoy work by creators such as David Catrow, Ame Dyckman, Lane Smith or Jory John, might especially delight in Comet the Unstoppable Reindeer.

I received a copy of Let’s Dance courtesy of Valerie Bolling, and I received a copy of Comet the Unstoppable Reindeer courtesy of Kristin at Benton Arts, in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions and comments are my own. Titles have been published and are currently available.

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