Picture Book Fun with Pigloo and Peppa Pig!

From Olivia to Miss Piggy, Wilbur to Piglet and beyond, I have long adored and had a soft spot for literature or entertainment starring or featuring piggies. (Our elderly guinea pig is even named Wilbur!). This post spotlights two fun picture books that star adorable piggies: Pigloo and Peppa Pig and the Little Train!



piglooPigloo by Anne Marie Pace, illus. Lorna Hussey
Hardcopy courtesy of Raincoast Books. Thank you!
Publication: October 18, 2016 by Henry Holt and Co.
Book Description:

Pigloo is an explorer. His destination? The North Pole. Big sister Paisley has doubts about Pigloo’s plan, but Pigloo knows that explorers have to be patient as well as brave. When Pigloo takes his sled to the top of a hill, he sets off on his expedition – with a little unexpected help.

This sweet, expressively illustrated story shows that sometimes the greatest adventures are the ones that happen in your own backyard.

Pigloo is a perfect-for-the-wintertime picture book featuring a darling young pig. Little Pigloo wants nothing more than to be a great explorer and bravely trek through the cold and snow to get to the North Pole. While his mom, dad, and especially his big sister all have their qualms, concerns and notes about his plans, Pigloo tries to remain hopeful about it all.  One thing Pigloo has carefully considered and prepared are his special explorer snacks- his ‘stores’ as we learn; but the one thing he has not considered is just how much patience it requires to be an explorer- especially when one is waiting for a big snowfall!

The adorable Pigloo!

When it finally snows enough, Pigloo makes it outside and ‘considers the best way to get to the North Pole and back before lunch’.  In a lovely story curve, readers get to see Pigloo’s big adventure come to happy fruition as he is- unbeknownst to him- carefully helped by his big sister, Paisley. While Paisley had initially been a little downcast on Pigloo’s big plans, it turns out that she comes through with a little magic to make Pigloo’s dreams of exploration come true. What starts out as a seemingly straightforward story about a little pig’s wintertime adventure ends up being an altogether very sweet story about kindness between siblings, and about just how much fun a grand imagination and believing in the impossible can be.

Anne Marie Pace, author of the Vamperina Ballerina books, and Lorna Hussey, illustrator of Not This Bear, have created a gentle and amiable story here that will likely go over well with kids during the winter season. Pigloo is an adorably illustrated pig with a big heart; kids and adult alike might appreciate his imagination and open, trusting nature. Readers who enjoy stories on the genial side- topped with a little lesson- think along the lines of Karma Wilson’s Bear series, Greg E. Foley’s Don’t Worry Bear, the Chester Raccoon series, or the Llama Llama books– might particularly enjoy this sweet story.



Peppa Pig and the Little Train based on the TV series created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker
Source: Hardcopy courtesy of Penguin Random House Canada/Candlewick Books. Thank you!
Publication: August 2, 2016 by Candlewick Entertainment
Book Description

All aboard! Peppa Pig and her brother, George, are ready to chug, chug, chug all through the town on Grandpa Pig’s little train.

Peppa Pig and George are visiting Granny and Grandpa Pig, and Grandpa Pig has a surprise for them. Toot, toot! Chug, chug! Grandpa drives a little train out of the garage, and Peppa and George hop on board. Who will they meet as they ride the train all around town? And when Miss Rabbit’s bus gets stuck in the mud, who might help them save the day?

Before having a child, I had really only heard of Peppa Pig and her brother George in passing at the library. Mostly it was when getting questions such as: why don’t you have more Peppa Pig books? Or: where are all of your Peppa Pig books? I was always curious about this pig- one with an English accent no less!- and have now, thanks to having a toddler, become well-versed in the delightful and funny world of the charismatic Peppa Pig. For those unfamiliar with Peppa, this book and its world might seem a little nonsensical or peculiar- but for those more aware of it (…or those who have fans in their household), this might be a real treat.

Cover removes and becomes a colouring poster!

Peppa Pig and the Little Train is a picture book based upon the television series and episodes. In this particular adaption, the story revolves around Peppa Pig’s grandfather building a very special little train (named Gertrude): a train that Grandpa Pig can proudly conduct, with room for Peppa, her brother George, and other friends to ride in. While in the train, singing a little song about her grandpa’s little train going ‘chug chug chug’, Peppa and company meet folks who keep asking about Grandpa’s toy train. Each time, they must explain that Gertrude is actually NOT a toy but a real, working, sturdy ‘miniature locomotive’. A problem arises when Miss Rabbit’s bus gets stuck in mud; despite some doubts about the little train’s abilities, Grandpa Pig’s miniature locomotive comes to the rescue!

A happy, fun, and irreverent story- as is the wont of Peppa Pig’s stories and television episodes- Peppa Pig and the Little Train is sure to delight new or avid fans of the popular series. Readers who have enjoyed series such as Olivia by Ian Falconer, Charlie & Lola by Lauren Child, or Pete the Cat by James Dean might especially adore muddy-puddle-jumping Peppa and her imminently likable and funny world.

I received a copy of Pigloo courtesy of Raincoast Books and Peppa Pig and the Little Train courtesy of Random House of Canada in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions and comments are my own.

Author: michelle@fabbookreviews

Reference & Children's Librarian. Reader. Reviewer.

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    1. I hope you- and your library patrons!- end up enjoying both of the titles! Peppa Pig is adorable- very easy to get addicted to its wacky charm. 🙂 If you haven’t seen any of the TV episodes, you should give it a try!

    1. Ha ha! Yes, we’re forever getting request for more Peppa! More are coming out in hardcover as well- just like the Little Train one- and we’re more likely to get those at our library as the hope is that they last a bit longer! 🙂

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