Picture Book Reviews: Giraffe and Bird Together Again & Our New Kittens

Two picture books on the review list today, courtesy of the lovely folks at Pajama Press!


First up is Rebecca Bender‘s Giraffe and Bird Together Again, starring the popular duo from the award-winning Canadian author-illustrator’s Giraffe and Bird series of titles. In Giraffe and Bird Together Again, Giraffe becomes increasingly worried when Bird doesn’t join him for breakfast or later in the day: “What if something has happened to Bird?”. Of the duo, Bird is a busy and loud daredevil with an “endless appetite for new flavors”, while Giraffe likes his routine, isn’t keen to travel or try new things, and “never gets tired” of eating the same food every day. You know just how concerned for Bird Giraffe must be when he prepares to face unknown dangers and starts out on an arduous journey to find his good friend. An engaging story full of adventure, bursts of surprise, humour, and highlighting a sweet endearment between friends, fans of Rebecca Bender’s previous Giraffe and Bird stories will likely adore this, as may readers looking for a new and vibrant story focusing on friendship and courageousness.


The second picture book on review is the adorable and warmhearted story Our New Kittens, written by Theo Heras and illustrated by Alice Carter. Two brothers eagerly wait for “two tiny kittens, brothers, just like us” to be “big enough to come home” to them. When the kittens finally come home with the young boys, readers see all of the care, patience- and lots and lots of snuggles and love- that goes into the responsibility of having pets. (Readers will also see how the older brother gently takes care to make sure his younger brother’s enthusiasm and excitement doesn’t startle the kittens too much!). Readers who clamour for sweet, realistic-leaning stories to do with kittens or cats or for picture books about taking care of pets might especially adore the sheer cuddliness of Our New Kittens. Families who may be preparing to adopt a cat into their home or families with wee ones who have welcomed a new kitten home might also enjoy reading Our New Kittens. Extras: The front endpaper contains a checklist of things to have prepared “before you bring home a new pet” and the back endpaper contains checklist of what essentials to provide for your pet every day.

I received copies of these titles courtesy of Pajama Press in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions and comments are my own.

Author: michelle@fabbookreviews

Reference & Children's Librarian. Reader. Reviewer.

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    1. Oh no, I didn’t know about your allergy!! 😦 My husband is horribly allergic to cats so our family will also have to suffice with cute cat books…Our New Kittens is pretty darn adorable, though 🙂

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