Picture Book Reviews: You Are New & Hooray for Babies!

It’s baby time! Two delightful and sweet picture books featuring some pretty adorable babies on the review docket today, courtesy of my friends at Raincoast Books!



“Hello, you! You are new.” First up is Lucy Knisley‘s vibrant You Are New, a standout rhyming picture book that highlights some of the wondrous new beginnings and new experiences awaiting babies. Knisley is an award-winning graphic novelist/comic creator behind acclaimed titles such as Relish, Something New, and Kid Gloves. I must confess here to having- very recently- been on a reading kick of Knisley’s adult graphic novel offerings and I thoroughly enjoyed all I read. Having the opportunity to pore over the author-illustrator’s recent children’s offering has been a delight, and with You Are New, Knisley has shown she can run the gamut of genres. Easy to read bold, capital text is paired with equally standout, colourful, streamlined illustrations where the focus is on expressive, adorable, funny, not-one-is-alike babies! From testing out primary senses, making “funny smells”, taking baths, getting cuddled, to bigger kid activities like learning to crawl up stairs, hugging cats (!), taking swimming lessons, and even welcoming a “new family member”, You Are New so very charmingly (and often humourously!) catalogs the wealth of life- and wealth of love- waiting to be experienced by everyone new. Beautifully fun, bold, and sincerely sweet, You Are New not only makes for terrific read aloud material, but also as a new baby present. (Bonus: Firstly, don’t forget to check out the gorgeous end paper! Secondly, those who have already explored Knisley’s previous titles may recognize an appearance by Linney the cat, and what looks to be a rendering of Knisley and her husband’s little one!).

I received a hardcopy of this title courtesy of Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and comments are my own. Title has been published and is currently available.


Next up on review is the picture book Hooray for Babies! by Susan Meyers, with illustrations by Sue Cornelison. A happy and optimistic baby-filled delight, Hooray for Babies! is a true celebration of everything baby, and featuring (exclusively) a parade of cuter than cute babies. From honoring perfect baby fingers, toes, and bellies, to marking the milestones of scooting, crawling, and standing, as well as highlighting the joys and little bumps that go hand in hand with making friends, learning to share…and getting cranky!… Hooray for Babies! features it all. Susan Meyers’ rhyming text is light and fun, making for a smooth and joyful read aloud experience, while Sue Cornelison’s illustrations are such an appealing mix of being both realistic and dreamy. As with Lucy Knisley’s lovely You Are New, discussed above, Hooray for Babies! is another terrific picture book of celebrating the wonder of babies, and celebrating all that they can and will experience. Readers looking for newer baby-centered picture books to explore with their little ones, and/or readers who have previously read and enjoyed titles such as Susan Meyers and Marla Frazee’s popular Everywhere Babies, All of Baby, Nose to Toes by Victoria Adler and Hiroe Nakata, or Karen Katz’s much-loved Ten Tiny Babies might especially adore how sincerely darling and positive Hooray for Babies! is.

I received an ARC of this title courtesy of Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and comments are my own. Title has been published and is currently available.

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