Let’s Take A Look At New Picture Books from the Soaring ’20s Debut Group!

A very special kid lit post here, readers! I recently connected with a wonderful children’s lit group on Twitter, the Soaring ’20s High Flying Picture Book Debuts, and you will be able to take a perusal of some of the creators’ titles in a just a moment. But first, let me backtrack a little on how this post came about.

With the spread of COVID-19, effects are being felt and experienced everywhere, and at every level, including by picture book authors and illustrators. While expected and necessary given the scary circumstances of our present, new and debut book releases are experiencing uneven, scaled-back (or flat-out cancelled) events, and unusual debuts to the book market and to readers. So, I decided to step in and ask if I could offer help via my site. I offered space on Fab Book Reviews to creators who might like some extra time to feature their beautiful new titles (and I get the absolute honour and pleasure of connecting with some amazing folks in kid lit!). Author and professor Jen Malia- whose book with illustrator Joanne Lew-Vriethoff you will read about below!- very kindly responded and connected me with other members of the Soaring ’20s, and I have titles, links, and a whole bunch of bookish goodies from participating creators to share below! You can also follow the storeis and adventures of the Soaring ’20 group on Twitter @Soaring20sPB, and on their website!

Here the titles- and information on the creators and their books!- listed in order of release date:

Too Sticky! is the story of an autistic girl with sensory issues who has to overcome her fear of sticky hands to participate in a slime experiment at school. The book is based on the author and her daughter’s experiences living with autism and sensory issues.

Social Media for Jen Malia: 
Website: JenMalia.com
Twitter/Instagram: @JenMaliaBooks
Social Media for Joanne Lew-Vriethoff:
Website: http://joannelewvriethoff.com/
Twitter: @jlewvriethoff
Instagram: @joannelewvriethoff

Elephants are great at many things…playing hide-and-seek is not one of them. But The Elephant Hobby and Sport League is here to help all those frustrated, always “found” elephants out there with The Elephants’ Guide to Hide-and-Seek. A hilarious tongue-in-cheek book perfect for elephants and their best human pals.

Social Media for Kjersten Hayes: 
Website: http://www.kjersten.com/
Twitter/Instagram: @kjerstenhayes
Social Media for Gladys Jose:
Website: https://gladysjose.com/
Twitter: @gladysjosedraws
Instagram: @gladysjoseillustrates
YouTube: Gladys Jose-Fabii Illustration
Link to Activity Kit

In How Long Is Forever?, Mason is waiting for the first blueberry pie of the season and it’s taking forever. At least that’s what Mason thinks, until Grandpa asks him to prove it and sends Mason searching the family farm to find the meaning of forever. Fans of Guess How Much I Love You will love figuring out how long forever is alongside Mason and Grandpa

Social Media for Kelly Carey:
Website: http://www.kcareywrites.com
Twitter: @KCareyWrites 
Instagram: @kellycareywrites
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KCareyWrites
Social Media for Qing Zhuang:
Website: https://www.qingthings.com
Twitter: @qzhuang
Instagram: @qingthings
Pre-Order Signed Copies: 
The Silver Unicorn Bookstore will ship a signed copy! 
Follow this link: https://silverunicornbooks.com/
Link to Kirkus Review
Link to Activity Pages

Meet Clyde, a lively (and often worried) hippo with a heart of gold who’s always eager to go on new adventures, in this fun-filled 8×8 series!

Clyde can’t believe his mom is making him go to school. He has so much fun at home–what could a classroom possibly have to offer? As his mom lists all the activities he’ll get to do, Clyde only imagines the worst possible outcomes. He’s so caught up in what could go wrong that he’s determined to turn around and go home. But when he comes across his kind teacher and the butterfly habitat she’s carrying inside, it might just be enough to convince him to stay!

Clyde has a problem: He’s at the top of the slide at the playground, only it’s much higher than the slide he’s used to at home, so he starts to imagine all the things that could go wrong. What if the slide is too hot? What if it starts to rain? What if he goes down so fast, he shoots off into space? There’s only one way to find out–but can he do it?

Website for Clyde the Hippo: http://clydethehippo.com/
Media Information for Keith Marantz & Larissa Marantz
Larissa's Website: http://larissamarantz.com/

An unlikely tale of remarkable courage. Learn the long-forgotten true story of the man who saved the words that built America! Emmy Award–winning journalist Anna Crowley Redding and Sibert Honor illustrator Edwin Fotheringham bring to life the riveting true story about the lowly clerk who saved the Declaration of Independence from being destroyed by the British army in the War of 1812.“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

These are the words that helped found our nation. Today the Declaration of Independence is one of the United States’ most heavily guarded treasures, but during the War of 1812 it would have been destroyed if not for one man whose story has nearly been forgotten by time. Come along on this historic adventure and learn how one ordinary clerk did a truly extraordinary thing. As a clerk for the State Department, Stephen Pleasonton spent his days quietly immersed in paperwork. He never expected to receive an urgent message telling him that the British army was on its way to the capital. And that the documents that Stephen was entrusted with—such as the original Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution—were all in danger! It fell on Stephen to get our nation’s most cherished and priceless artifacts safely out of Washington! Kirkus Reviews says “Budding historians as well as those unfamiliar with history will both enjoy this pleasant, fast-moving selection.”  

Social Media for Anna Crowley Redding: 
Twitter: @annaredding 
Instagram: @annacrowleyredding 
Facebook: AnnaCrowleyRedding 
Blog: AnnaCrowelyRedding.com/blog
Social Media for Edwin Fotheringham:
Website: http://www.edfotheringham.com/

Of all her friends, Abia has been at the Shimelba Refugee Camp the longest—seven years, four months, and sixteen days. Papa says that’s too long and they need a forever home. Until then, though, Abia has something important to do. Be a queen. Sometimes she’s a noisy queen, banging on her drum as she and Mama wait in the long line for rice to cook for dinner. Sometimes she’s a quiet queen, cuddling her baby cousin to sleep while Auntie is away collecting firewood. And sometimes, when Papa talks hopefully of their future, forever home, Abia is a little nervous. Forever homes are in strange and faraway places—will she still be a queen?

Social Media for Mary Wagley Copp:
Website: marywagleycopp.com
Twitter: @Mfkwc
Instagram: @marywcopp
Facebook: Mary Wagley Copp
Social Media for Munir D. Mohammed:
Website: http://www.munirstudio.com/
Instagram: @munirstudio

I hope you are able to read and support these lovely new titles and their creators! Enjoy and happy reading to you all!

Author: michelle@fabbookreviews

Reference & Children's Librarian. Reader. Reviewer.

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  1. “Too sticky” is a book I can certainly relate to! Though not autistic, convincing our older child to play with different textures and slimy, gooey, messy things was an epic endeavour. Look forward ot reading it!

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