Recently Read: Great Picture Books (15)!

A look at some wonderful picture books that I have had the pleasure of reading lately! All are titles I have read and enjoyed. On this installment of Recently Read, we have a few titles that my three year old has requested multiple read alouds of including Nobody’s Duck from Mary Sullivan, which is a totally entertaining, witty and sweet story. Sullivan has authored and illustrated numerous wonderfully funny titles including Treat and Ball. Nobody’s Duck is great- visual gags and kookiness abound. My daughter, after our first read aloud said- (while giggling)- ‘That was really funny!’ Fans of Ame Dyckman, Jan Thomas and Keith Graves might like this one! Next we have Steve Antony‘s Unplugged, about an adorable robot named Blip who, after a blackout, finds herself unplugged- literally and figuratively. Unplugged is another one my daughter loves having read to her. The title is strong on the message about making sure we all unplug and be with friends, and find our own adventures away from screens- but, honestly, it is a timely point and the text is so genuine and wonderfully illustrated. Unplugged would pair nicely with Matthew Cordell‘s hello! hello!. Other great picture book picks include: Yellow Kayak, a visually arresting, melodic, rhyming title from Nina Laden with artwork by Melissa Castrill√≥n; Jessixa Bagley and Aaron Bagley‘s charming and heartening Vincent Comes Home; All the Animals Where I Live, by Philip C. Stead, uncommonly told and structured, but what a wondrous treat; and the utterly heartwarming and surprising The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling – another fantastic and unusual title from Timothy Basil Ering.


Recently Read: Great Picture Books

wolfcamp26067501I’ve been swimming in seas of great picture books lately! There was a boom in storytime visits at our library with Kindergarten and early elementary grades- usually happens before holiday/winter break fever sets in! So, needless to say, I had about quadruple the number of storytimes to prepare for; in doing so, I happily discovered a pile of new, amazing picture books. I enjoyed and work absolutely recommend any of these titles- for read alouds or just for the pure joy of it:


Cat Knit by Jacob Grant*
Max at Night by Ed Vere*
I’ll Wait, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony*
The Magic Word by Mac Barnett, illus. Elise Parsley*
Penguin Problems by Jory John, illus. Lane Smith*
Leave Me Alone by Vera Brosgol*
Everyone is Yawning by Anita Bijsterbosch*
Grumpy Pants by Claire Messer*
Hooray for Today! by Brian Won*
I Will Not Eat You by Adam Lehraupt, illus. Scott Magoon*
Wolf Camp by Andrea Zuill
Dragon Was Terrible by Kelly DiPucchio, illus. Greg Pizzoli
Pug Meets Pig by Sue Lowell Gallion, illus. Joyce Wan
Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey
Also An Octopus by Maggie Tokudo-Hall, illus. Benji Davies


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*star indicates that the picture book was used as a read aloud (and was a hit!) at one of my storytimes