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Bernard Black Exemplifies Customer Service

The great British series Black Books stars Dylan Moran as Bernard Black, bookshop owner and disheveled grouch. Lover of alcohol and cigarettes, and considerably less fond of dealing with the public, Bernard has quite the way of dealing with patrons, as you can see in the compilation below. As a librarian who deals with the public, I can say that his retorts and attitude are oh so tempting…

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Picture Book Picks: Wintry Reads

There’s just something so welcoming about winter-themed picture books! Stories about polar bears, penguins and other winter creatures; stories about the changes of the season; stories about playing in the snow, going sledding, snuggling up by a roaring fire… Here, in no particular order, are some of my favourite wintry reads: Singing Away the Dark by Caroline Woodward, illus. Julie […]

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Spam, A Lot

In which I take the low lights of this week’s spam comments: “She sometimes picks the berries and uses them to garnish yogurt.” “Should be soft, almost succulent and if bent they will snap, or squash…” “But for men whose signature wields influence…” “I swore I would never co sleep.” “No, I can’t tell you my age but I am […]

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