Cursed and Curated Blog Tour: Q&A with BR Myers

I have been participating in the Cursed and Curated Blog Tour for Asp of Ascension author BR Myers. If you missed part one, you can check out my review of Myers’ YA mystery! Welcome now to part two, my Q&A on writing processes, literary influences and more, with BR Myers! What is your typical writing process (or processes)? Usually it begins with one scene I can’t stop thinking about. I build the story around that moment; it might be the ending, the middle, or the inciting incident, but it’s the starting point of the process for me. Then I do a quick outline and make myself sit in the chair and knock out the story in small increments. I make sure I write a certain word count each time. I don’t think I’d ever get anything on paper if I didn’t set goals. What do you find to be the most difficult aspects of writing? Writing the first word. It’s like trying to start a gas powered lawn mower—it takes a few painful and frustrating attempts to get started, but once the engine kicks in all you have to do is move forward. How have your influences or literary inspirations impacted your writing? My definition of success has had the greatest impact. I’ve been writing for eight years and in the beginning the most exciting aspect was sharing my stories. Once I decided to become published I opened a can of worms and spent the next six […]

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